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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    The booking experience was straightforward. The technician was courteous and verified my satisfaction before leaving. Very pleased with the results.  
Charles Christensen20/07/2024
    From start to end, the service was outstanding. The tech was professional and well-informed. Would use their services again and highly recommend.  
Harriet Lansdale10/07/2024
    Fantastic service! They identified a gap in their diary and fitted me in expeditiously. He was polite and affable. The end product is remarkable - first class quality!  
Debbie L.03/11/2023
    An exceptionally positive experience throughout the entire process! The cleaners went above and beyond in order to meet our strict deadline while still providing us with an in-depth end of hire property deep clean job! Every area was gleaming when they were done with it! Superb customer support as well as stunning results at the end of it all!   
Jeremy Dickson02/08/2023
    Having just moved into a new rental house, I expected the owner to hand it over to me in a clean state. But no, it wasn't cleaned by the previous tenant or the owner. We were left to do all the cleaning ourselves. Our neighbour suggested that we call Edgware Cleaners. Indeed it was a good decision; the team came in and made our house spotless. It is inhabitable now and so clean, tidy and fresh. Thank you for coming to our aid!  
Jason M.23/06/2016
    I was moving out of my student accommodation and had to leave the place in the same state I got it. That meant a lot of cleaning had to be done. Didn't want to do it myself and wasn't sure if I could do it well enough either, so hired Cleaning Edgware. Thank God I did, as otherwise I wouldn't have gotten my deposit back! Many thanks to the whole team!  
R. Yiewsley31/05/2016
    Well done to this professional cleaning company. I didn't expect the fantastic results that we got on our office. We were moving and needed a very deep clean for our office. After they had finished, the space looked better than new. The prices were very good value, too. I recommend Cleaning Edgware to all businesses and offices that require these kinds of services.   
    After slogging it out for other companies for years I finally took the plunge and set up my own business, however I had no idea about the needs of an office apart from the business needs. After a few weeks, I noticed how dirty the place was and decided that I needed to do something about it. I hired the office cleaning crew of Cleaning Edgware to help me out and it's been a real life changer. Now, the office is clean and tidy all the time, and I don't have to worry about so much as lifting a duster leaving me to focus my full attention on the business.  
William Ruskin10/02/2016
    Five star quality services from Edgware Cleaning go to prove why they are the best. I had forgotten to keep some valuables safe and I had even misplaced a pair of my earrings. The team gave them back to me as soon as they found them under the sofa cushions. We are extremely happy with the effectiveness of the team as well. Our home looks gorgeous. Thank you for the fantastic cleaning service.  
Rebecca Smithson 08/05/2015
    At first I was kind of scared that I would spend my money on a service that's not actually worth it but when I saw how sparkly clean my kitchen looked after the cleaners got it done I told to myself that I really have to hire them regularly! Which I actually did as well! EdgwareCleaners is my regular cleaning help provider and I couldn't be happier!  
Jeanette 17/03/2015
    I needed some help in the house after I fell and sprained my ankle. I wasn't getting any younger so decided to hire a cleaner. I used EdgwareCleaners as I had heard good feedback about their cleaning services. The company had a lot of series available and I first had the house spring cleaned, then after just a regular tidy every week until I felt better. The services is excellent and the rates reasonable.   
Carmen Steele27/02/2015
    I was very impressed with the staff of EdgwareCleaners. When I called them up for information they were very helpful and never pressured me to buy their services. When I did hire them, I was treated to friendly and very professional people. They worked hard and swiftly, accommodating my need as they did, to give me good-looking furniture. I had a pleasant experience with them and would be happy to hire them again to tackle my upholstery cleaning.  
Lindsey Burrows18/12/2014
    How it is that EdgwareCleaners managed to clean some of the ovens in my rented houses, I will never know. I have had all sorts of dirty cookers returned to me when tenants have left and it is impossible to use them again without tenants complaining about them. However this cleaning agency have the magic touch so it seems and each time I've called on them to do one off cleaning jobs like oven cleaning they have delivered. I take my hat off to them, they really know their stuff and are surely one of the best cleaning companies.  
    I worry about keeping a clean house as I am often so busy that I get little chance to tend to the cleaning issues that come up almost every single day in my home. I used EdgwareCleaners for my house cleaning because they are priced fairly and the cleaner they have provided for me who visits twice a week is an excellent worker who always has a friendly smile for me. It really does make a huge difference to not have to worry about keeping the place clean all the time and knowing it is in safe hands!  
Steph I.09/10/2014
    When hiring a cleaning company, there's two things I'm looking for; a company that takes the work that they do seriously, and that they use environmentally friendly cleaners to get things done. EdgwareCleaners assured me that they meet both of these requirements, and I'm happy to report that they do. The cleaners that they sent over conduct themselves in a professional manner, and got their work done in a remarkably short time frame. And the cleaners that they use were environmentally sustainable, and that was another worry off my mind. I now have a clean home with a fresh, natural scent, and it's all thanks to them.  
M. Dean29/08/2014
    I'd just like to thank the different cleaners who have come to my house as well as the company itself for their help. I first used EdgwareCleaners a few months back when my brother-in-law managed to spill what seemed like half a bottle of wine on the carpet. I thought I might have to chuck the carpet out it was so bad but decided to call the carpet cleaners from this company as a last resort. They did such a wonderful job and I was so pleased with the way they went about the job I decided to call the company again just for a regular home cleaner to come in and tidy up and so forth. This too has been an excellent, reliable service.  
Annette G.13/08/2014
    I've hated cleaning for as long as I could remember. My mother always complained at how messy my house was and on my 25th birthday, she hired a cleaner from EdgwareCleaners for me. I was actually really impressed at what they could do. I've never seen my house so clean, even on the days she's not here. Everyone always wants to socialise around my house now because of how great my house always is, even at really short notice. It's a great company with a great service. I'll most definitely be keeping my cleaner on.  
    Our student flat would be a complete bombsite had it not been for EdgwareCleaners and their outstanding team of cleaners. Even when our house was really messy (which was a lot!) our cleaners showed the same level of professionalism and hard work so leave the place looking immaculate on each and every occasion. Great help with everything and also fantastic company. If they can clean our home then they can certainly clean anything! Any students thinking about hiring a cleaner for the year, go with these as they were extremely flexible and understanding. Very professional and hard working, a great team.  
Danny S.30/06/2014
    I wanted a regular cleaning service in my new fashion shop and office. I had no spare time to sort it so decided to hire some extra help. I had been given a number of a cleaning company that did other businesses in the area. EdgwareCleaners were fantastic, from start to finish. I was given a price that I was satisfied with and arranged a date and time. I needed the work done after the shop closed, but this wasn't a problem. The cleaners were friendly and competent and knew what to do. They did a terrific job, and didn't mess about. I now hire the cleaners twice a week to lend a hand.  
Jessie Wilkins12/06/2014
    I have to admit, I hate cleaning. The cleaners from EdgwareCleaners have been cleaning my apartment for two years and I have had no problems. I couldn't imagine not coming home to a beautifully fresh house whether I'm having a quiet night in or I want to invite guests around my home is always looking in great shape. I don't have to worry about dusting or cleaning the skirting boards. They even offer a great oven cleaning service and their general advice about looking after my home and upholstery is priceless. Thanks to all of the staff members who have been involved!  
    I purchased a house for my daughter and son in law as a wedding present. It wasn't in the state that I know my daughter would want it to be in, so I thought I'd get it cleaned so that it is ready for them to move in. I called EdgwareCleaners and told them how urgent it was for me to get it done ASAP. They were very understanding and fit me in the very next day. They carried out a thorough top to bottom house clean and I was impressed how amazing they were. The house was literally sparkling, and my daughter was more than delighted to see her wedding present.   
Gary Aldren 27/03/2014
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