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Thorough And Efficient Kitchen Cleaning 20 May 2015
Thorough And Efficient Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is possibly the hardest room in the house to deep clean. No matter what measures you take to keep your kitchen clean, it’s inevitable that there are going to be oil stains, splatter marks, food stains and a host of other unpleasant surprises. If you leave these for any length of time, bacteria will grow and multiply and be very hard to eliminate. But there are certain measures that you could take and techniques that you could implement to keep dirt and microbial growth to a minimum.

1.    Don’t forget to do some oven cleaning.
It’s often very hard to notice dirt in the oven. Unless you really get in there and look around, food crumbs and oil splatters can be pretty difficult to notice. Sure, large bits of food can just be wiped away, but what about all the crumbs that remain in the corners? A simple baking soda-vinegar solution will do the trick. Make up a baking soda-water paste and scrub onto every surface of your oven. Leave for a few hours, preferably overnight, then spray with vinegar and rinse off. Your oven will sparkle, so try this cleaning method for yourself.

2.    Mop your floors.
Using a clean mop, scrub your floors back and forth. You’ll need to put some effort into your hard floor cleaning and use some muscle in order to get good results. For a truly amazing deep clean, immerse your mop in a soapy water solution first, then wring until almost dry and begin wiping.

3.    Clean up your gas hobs and worktops.
Simple dish soap should be sufficient to get rid of any grease and food remains that are sticking to food preparation surfaces. Get yourself a coarse scrubbing brush and scrub hard with the dish soap or disinfectant.

4.    Sort through your fridge and freezer.
Nasty smells may be coming from leftover food in your fridge and freezer. If you keep your fridge regularly topped up, it could be possible that you haven’t noticed some mouldy food that’s well past its expiration date shoved at the back of your fridge. When house cleaning, don’t forget to clean out your fridge and get rid of any food that’s well beyond use. Sometimes, food and drinks may leak and spill out in your fridge. The good thing is that you won’t need any industrial types of cleaners to get rid of this kind of stain. Just make up a paste with baking soda and water, and then rub down onto the affected area. Leave for an hour or so, then rinse off and wipe away.

5.    Clean out your kitchen cabinets.
Remove all your pots, pans and various kitchen supplies, and then wipe down the surfaces of your cabinet using a damp soapy cloth. This should work to clean up any dusty or dirty surfaces, and will remove any crumbs and sticky residue.

6.    Make your sinks sparkle.
When you house clean, possibly the most important area to clean is in and around your sinks and wash basins. After all, this is where you wash your hands and in the kitchen, it’s where your put all your dirty plates. Bacteria will feast on the food bits and multiply, so it’s essential that you clean sinks regularly, using mild dish soap and a coarse scrubbing brush.

7.    Call a cleaning company.
If you’re struggling or short of time, there are plenty of cleaning companies out there all offering a range of cleaning services, so do your research and pick the right one for you.

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