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I'm Moving Out, What Should I Clean? 22 March 2014
I'm Moving Out, What Should I Clean?

If you are currently moving out of rented accommodation right now, you are probably thinking about what you should do, before you go? Most people will not have domestic cleaning at the forefront of their minds right now, although make no bones about it, this should not be forgotten! Don’t pay the price!Do not make the mistake that so many others have done; By forgetting to deep clean the property you are vacating you risk losing out on the initial deposit you paid at the start of the tenancy contract. This is particularly important for those who are renting privately and many private landlords will have the rules and regulations set out in the tenancy contract so that clients are aware of what needs to be done. What will this cost me?Firstly, by not doing it all, it could cost you the whole or a proportion of your deposit!If you have maintained the property to a fairly well standard it may not require much work at the end. It usually depends of the length of time that you have lived there and how clean the home as been kept. If the property is in desperate need of a thorough clean this may be due to lack of effort and care on your behalf or because of general wear and tear. If you believe the problem is due to wear and tear and that it’s not entirely your fault you should speak to landlord and agree what you should do. For instance, some older properties may have a damp problem which leads to unsightly marks of damp and mildew, this is not a tenant’s responsibility and you should not have to pay for the clean-up and repair of that particular problem. However, if the property has stained and dirty carpets, walls, bathroom suites, kitchen appliances etc which have occurred during your time at the property, then you will have to address the situation.You can keep costs down by attempting to clean the home yourself and this perfectly manageable for those who have kept the accommodation in a rather good standard however if home is in need of some desperate TLC you could save time and effort by hiring the help of a professional domestic cleaning company instead. Another way for reducing costs would be too do half the work yourself and then hire the help to do tackle the harder jobs, such as oven cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning and window cleaning too.When should I do it?Try to get the deep cleaning done before you hand the keys back to the landlord and before he inspects the place.If you have a date for removals, you could start doing bits right now like cleaning the bathroom and kitchen cupboards etc.It’s probably better to clean the bigger areas such as carpets, floor and walls once everything is moved out of the property and once you get to see what you are really faced with. If you are thinking about getting a cleaning company in to help, it’s probably better to do once you have a blank canvas. For instance, carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners can do a much better job once obstruction is moved out of the way and once their job is complete it is less likely to be affected in anyway afterwards because there will be nobody in the home to walk over the freshly clean carpets or sit on the freshly clean furniture, leaving that valuable drying time to be accomplished at ease. TIP/ for those who do not know where to start, simply start room by room and work your way through the whole property, that way you are less likely to miss an area that needs attention.

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