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Cleaning The Glass In Your House 01 May 2014
Cleaning The Glass In Your House

Ensuring that the glass in your home remains clean is a matter of upkeep as well as technique. You will not want to have a house full of streaky windows and mirrors, and with the more common use of glass in both furnishings and furniture, you will want to ensure that you are not at risk of the whole house being subject to those grubby marks that come from human interaction with the see through material! If you are prepared, then there is no reason as to why the glass should be anything other than completely clear, but it does take a bit of keeping an eye out to make it work!For a start, you should think about the ways in which the glass gets used. A glass shower door will become dirty and streaky with water marks a lot more quickly than a window will, simply because of its use. A good way to ensure that glass shower doors remain clear is to have a window cleaner’s squeegee in the shower for use after the shower is over. This way the water marks will be cleaned off before they can dry enough to even become water marks, and you will find that getting the windows streak free will be easy! If you can clean quickly and often, then you will have a much better chance of keeping things looking great without the hassle of working through the grime that collects on these surfaces. Having the outside windows of the house cleaned every few months will keep things looking good, but the inside windows are both more accessible, as well as in need of more attention. The ouster windows may well be subject to the elements, but wind and rain are actually pretty good at keeping the dirt off of the glass, as they are forceful, and the rain tends to be faintly acidic. The inside windows will be subject to the humid and greasy air that comes from cooking and living in various forms, so you should be sure to give them a clean every month. Use a window cleaner, and give the whole window a spray down, covering the whole surface by wiping it in to all of the corners with a cloth or flannel. Ensure that your cleaning equipment is clean in itself, and you should not experience any issues with dirtying the windows with your cloths. Once the whole of the window is covered, take a squeegee if you have one, and work from left to right, removing all of the cleaning fluid, and the dirt that it has taken off. If there are any streaks, buff them out with a dry microfiber cloth, or a chammy leather cloth. The fibers in these types of cloth are perfect for picking off water droplets without smearing them all over the glass, and making more of a mess than you had in the first place!Cleaning the windows and the glass furniture in your house is simply a game of upkeep. You should not worry to much about how often you do it, but if you let the standards drop, then you will have a fair old job in getting things back on track. The worry will often be that you cannot be bothered to work at the grime that can accumulate, and leave it for a time when you can, and of course this means it never gets sorted!

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