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5 Tidying Tips For Your Home 13 August 2014
5 Tidying Tips For Your Home

You will find that on your rounds of the house cleaning, you find that you spend as much time tidying up as you do deep cleaning. The fact of the matter is that the two go hand in hand, though only tidying can be worked in to your everyday life. If you are doing something in a room, you can make it part of that activity to ensure that you are leaving the place in a good sate in terms of tidiness. In order to leave it in a good state in terms of cleanliness, then you have to get the cleaning things out, and then you are basically just doing the domestic cleaning. In order that you are able to reduce the amount of home cleaning that you have to do when it comes down to it, you should ensure that the way in which the house is lived in and used goes hand in hand with the tidiness of the place. This will also ensure that your cleaning agency don’t have to spend time moving things around in order to clean, which would hopefully reduce the hours that they spend cleaning, leaving you with a small bill. 1.    Everything should have a place. If it does not, then it will always be left ‘out’. Whilst some things will go together in a box, and others have a specific place on a shelf, you need to ensure that there ion confusion as to where things should go when you are tidying up. This will reduce the amount of time that the tidying takes as well, because you will to be worrying about where things should go, as you know exactly where they do.2.    Once you have set places for everything to go, tell your cleaner where you think they should be putting things. This will mean that they are able to tidy the place efficiently, and similarly quickly. It also means that there will be no confusion as to where things should be put, and that means that there will be no situations where you can’t find anything after the place has been cleaned. It is a pet hate, and one that puts some people off hiring a cleaning service.3.    Get your kids and the rest of the family to abide by the rules of the house’s tidiness. If you can get them putting their things away from a young age, then they will learn more easily about general tidiness. If they are allowed to leave things out form a young age, and you are doing all of the tidying, then the transition will be harder for them later on in life. Whilst this is important, you should not let the rules become too draconian, as otherwise it will feel more like a prison than a fun and enjoyable home!4.    When you are cooking, be measured in how you approach things. Some people like to throw ingredients around and make a real mess whilst cooking, but it isn’t at all necessary. Sure, sometimes a pan might need attending to rather quickly, but it’s never going to be to the point where you can’t knock your cuttings in to the bin, or wipe down the surfaces as you simmer something. Be sensible with it, and let yourself of the washing up afterwards, by getting as much done in advance whilst you are cooking! 5.    It seems simple, and it is, but keeping tidiness in mind at all times will mean that you never have to actively tidy, as you will just be putting things away as you go!

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